Mitel Connect HYBRID

shoretel-connect-hybrid-appsTake Advantage of Flexible, Next-Gen Technology Today

Mitel® Connect HYBRID solutions provision new communications features on demand, integrate diverse deployments, maximize up-time, and leverage the strengths of onsite and cloud deployments.


Mitel Connect Hybrid Solutions

Mitel Connect HYBRID solutions provision new communications features on demand, maximize up-time, and leverage the strengths of onsite and cloud deployments

As a VoIP pioneer, Mitel has always led the way with innovative communications solutions that help our customers drive business insights, productivity and growth. We bring a fundamentally different approach to phone system technology and the user communications experience, and with the Mitel Connect platform we’ve created a seamless delivery of services and applications that work for you today and adapt strategically as your business needs change in the future.

Mitel is laser focused on eliminating business communications complexity. Our reputation is built on helping customers close the gap between technical innovation and ease of deployment, use, and administration. The Mitel Connect business communications platform extends that reputation with ground-breaking technologies that offer more efficient, cost-effective ways to deliver business communications.

Mitel Connect HYBRID combines the immediacy and convenience of managed service subscriptions delivered via the cloud with the solid performance and control of an on-premises system deployment. The result is a flexible, adaptable and strategic approach to unified communications system deployment.

By adapting hosted technologies and integrating key features with onsite deployments, Mitel delivers a worry-free, strategic migration path to cloud business communications. You now have the flexibility to place communications applications and services where you need them in your technical infrastructure and pay for them as an operating or capital expense.

Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps

ONSITE call control with application delivery from the CLOUD

As a visionary provider of IP PBX phone systems and unified communications applications, Mitel sees the future of communications architecture as combining the best of two delivery methods: a hybrid communications platform that delivers the resiliency, control and availability of an on-premises “hardware-based” phone system with the immediacy, ease and flexibility of virtual PBX applications delivered from the cloud.


Add productivity on demand

Quickly and easily provision new communications applications to your Mitel MiVoice Connect ONSITE system with Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps. Because they’re delivered from the cloud, there’s no hardware to install, or software to manage and maintain. And you can manage the services as a monthly subscription, scaling usage up and down as needed as you add offices, employees and mobility. Simply provision the services from Mitel Connect Portal, the administrative gateway to Mitel Connect’s cloud services.


Maintain local control while exploring cloud services

Not ready for a full cloud deployment for your business communications needs? Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps gives system operators the opportunity to experience the convenience and ease of provisioning cloud services incrementally.


Add new features with no impact to your IT infrastructure

The biggest advantage of a cloud phone system is the reduction of time required for upgrades and maintenance. With an on-premises system, adding new features adds to IT’s workload, but with Mitel Connect HYBRID, all that’s needed is granting permissions to the users via the Mitel Connect Portal. Accounts are kept synchronized with Mitel Connect Director automatically.


Maintain financial flexibility

Mitel Connect gives company financial planners the flexibility to choose whether they want to add business communications services as a capital or operational expense. While maintaining the benefits of a capital investment in the company’s onsite phone system, buyers can expand services for their employees without additional long-term investment. Adding services from the cloud is an operational expense, a predictable subscription service that bills monthly for just the services you use.

Mitel HYBRID Apps Available Today

Mitel believes unified communications is more than just direct conversations. It’s also about creating easy and intuitive access to tools that speed information business processes. The Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps do just that; they take familiar communications features, and make them better.

Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps offers your Mitel onsite deployment additional productivity applications: Mitel Connect Scribe for voice-to-text transcriptions, and Mitel Connect Fax that enables fax sending and receiving from your desktop.

Mitel Connect Scribe

is a multi-tasker’s dream. A voicemail transcription service, Mitel Connect Scribe converts voicemail messages into written text and automatically emails them to users’ accounts, along with a .wav file of the recorded message.

No more dialing in, entering passcodes, and listening to long, rambling messages. With Mitel Connect Scribe, it’s easy to quickly check your emails (or easier still, scan your smartphone notifications) to determine how and when to respond to your messages.

Mitel Connect Fax

makes it easy for users to send and receive traditional fax messages from their computer. There’s no need for a separate analog fax machine.

Users simply upload documents to their computer and use the Mitel Connect Fax email interface o deliver documents to the intended fax phone line. Receiving a fax is just as easy; senders address the fax to a phone number, and the documents arrive as an email attachment.

How It Works

Mitel HYBRID Apps are completely maintenance-free for IT departments – there’s nothing to install, no truck rolls for service implementation, and no upgrades to manage. Simply enable employee services via Mitel Connect Director and Connect Portal, the browser-based administration programs for Connect HYBRID systems. After provisioning, all questions and trouble calls are resolved by Mitel customer service professionals.

Mitel understands the concerns many enterprises with on-premises business phone solutions may have about opening data up to the cloud. Communication between Connect ONSITE and Connect HYBRID Apps provisioning occurs over an https connection and email.

The security relationship between your Mitel Connect ONSITE administration and your Connect HYBRID Apps provisioning is based on Account ID and unique customer specific token. After a HYBRID Apps account is created in the Mitel MiCloud Connect Portal, a token is provided to enter into Connect Director self-certified through an https connection to the Mitel cloud.

Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps employs a secure protocol. It sends only the information required to enable Connect HYBRID services via secure http (https) from the premises system to Connect CLOUD. Connect HYBRID Apps establishes the connection with the Connect CLOUD portal and uploads the user data from Connect Director; this data is used to assign Connect HYBRID Apps services to users. Once activated, changes to data within Connect Director are automatically provided to the Mitel Connect CLOUD Portal.


Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps employs secure http (https) to protect Mitel MiVoice Connect ONSITE data when receiving productivity services from Mitel MiCloud Connect. Once the Mitel Connect HYBRID Apps account is created in the Connect Portal, a token is provided that authorizes synchronization between your MiVoice Connect ONSITE account data and Connect HYBRID Apps provisioning via Mitel MiCloud Connect.

Mitel Connect HYBRID Scribe: How It Works

Mitel Connect HYBRID Scribe retrieves voicemail .wav files from the customer’s ONSITE Application Server via https. Information is only sent to the Connect HYBRID Scribe service; nothing is written to the customer’s Application Server.

When a voicemail is received on the ONSITE Application Server, the voicemail .wav files are uploaded to the Connect CLOUD data center via a secure https channel such that privacy is maintained. From here the message will be passed to an asynchronous transcription service.

Note: If voicemails are marked private, Mitel Connect Scribe will not upload them for transcription.

An automated process, with a secondary semi-automated process leveraged if needed, transcribes audio files. At no point does a single individual transcribe an entire voicemail, rather a selection of people transcribe various parts of the message in order to retain privacy and anonymity.

A uniquely assigned transaction ID manages the voicemail throughout the transcription process in order to protect the privacy of users identification, name, email address and phone number. No password information is stored. Mitel Connect Scribe does not store or retain .wav files or transcribed files in the cloud. However, content left in the original voicemail will remain on the Mitel Connect ONSITE on-premises servers.

Mitel Connect Fax: How It Works

Mitel Connect Fax is an email-to-fax and fax-to email service used as a fax solution for the Mitel ONSITE IP PBX phone system. With Mitel Connect Fax, users receive incoming faxes in their email inbox and send outbound faxes as email attachments – thereby eliminating the aspects of additional hardware or software susceptible to breach.

Faxes are stored on the Mitel server for up to three months before deletion. While standard email security concerns apply, Mitel Connect Fax eliminates the possibility of sensitive documents left out in the open on a communal analog machine.

As with Mitel Connect Scribe, it is important to note that content is still susceptible to packet sniffing when traveling across a public network, so standard email encryption precautions should always be in place – such as strong password policies and avoiding unsecured public wireless access points.

Mitel Connect HYBRID Sites

Unifies mixed Mitel Connect deployments; available late 2015

Mitel Connect HYBRID Sites enables companies to unify locations that have deployed both Connect CLOUD and Connect ONSITE phone systems. Connect HYBRID Sites synchronizes MiCloud Connect, MiVoice ONSITE and HYBRID Apps locations with automated directory integration that delivers common extension dialing, Caller ID, point-to-point video and 100% feature parity (although not transparency).


  • Add new cloud remote office locations to your company network without capital expense
  • Add new accounts, including seasonal teleworkers, without IT operational impact
  • Deploy a single communication platform forglobal business, deploying onsite where cloud services are not available
  • Give all your employees the same great Mitel Connect user experience at alllocations, no matter whether their call control is in the cloud or onsite
  • Control your own financial strategy of transitioning from capital to operational expense models
  • Provides a clear migration path from an onsite deployment to an all-cloud deployment
  • Grow your communications system as your business needs change with greatest deployment flexibility

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