Mitel User Group

The Mitel User Group is a global community, which operates totally independent of Mitel, is an important voice in guiding Mitel’s solution development. As a user group participant, you have an opportunity to advice Mitel’s platforms applications, services and third-party solutions. Provide feedback. Make suggestions. Ask for what you want. Get information to make your job easier.

Besides providing Mitel with input, you’ll also make connections with industry peers who walk in your shoes every day! Gain valuable insight to how other professionals are solving some of the business challenges you face. Go back to your company and be the one who puts best-practices into action.

Who is in the Mitel User Group?

  • Mitel Customers
  • Mitel Partners
  • Mitel Employees

Why join the Mitel User Group?

  • Monthly webinars
  • Opportunity to influence Mitel product direction
  • Education and training offers
  • Online global forum for peer-to-peer networking
  • Access to Mitel technical specialists and documentation
  • In-person and virtual events
  • And MORE!

Our people provide the ideas.

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