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ShoreTel Connect ONSITE isn’t just a phone system—

it’s a phone-text-mobile-conference-video-web share-online meeting system that’s sleek and easy to use.

ShoreTel brings a fundamentally different approach to phone system technology. We focus on your most important assets—your people and their goals—and remove impediments to free-flowing communications so your team can focus on relationships, ideas and growth, not on getting technology to work.

The result is a truly unified communications experience. ShoreTel Connect ONSITE brings all of your multi-tasking communications tools together in one simple interface. Quickly and easily find contacts, check their availability, and connect with them via phone, IM, video, desktop sharing or and conference calling, without having to open separate windows or log in to new applications.

Because you own and manage your ShoreTel Connect ONSITE system, you can run your network your way. ShoreTel Connect ONSITE features ShoreTel’s signature modular architecture, which distributes system intelligence across the entire network. This flexible design offers the highest level of service availability and makes it the ideal solution for single sites as well as multiple site deployments. You know it’s enterprise-grade because it’s from ShoreTel—a pioneer in VoIP with nearly 20 years of unified communications leadership.



Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

ShoreTel has an established reputation for long-term cost efficiency built on the strength of the distributed architecture, ease of use, and simplicity of administration. We help you minimize costs and maximize business returns from your UC solution,In the recent issue paper, Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Value of IP Telephony, Nemertes Research conducted a study in which it found that ShoreTel’s onsite solutions had both the Lowest First-Year Costs and Lowest Overall Costs among all vendors in the study, which included all major brands.*


Robust System Features

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE is a true “end-toned” communications solution, from IP phones, to the operating software, to voice switches, to advanced applications . This ensures that all components are optimized for peak performance; you never need to worry that a system upgrade or new feature might cause an unexpected issue with compatibility. Your sales and service teams will be much more productive with tools like ShoreTel for Salesforce, NetSuite and other CRMs, and the ShoreTel Connect ONSITE Contact Center.


Exceptional User Experience Across All Devices

The secret to frictionless and intuitive communication is the ShoreTel Connect user app, which manages the call handling and collaboration tools for your employees and their contacts. It is a next-generation user interface for PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, requires no VPN for teleworkers.


Easy Administration & Management

With ShoreTel Connect ONSITE, initial setup and ongoing management is far quicker and easier than other on-premises solutions. ShoreTel Connect Director delivers a “single image” view of your entire network, no matter how many phones or sites you manage. In fact, ShoreTel Connect ONSITE is so easy to administer that non-technical employees can handle MACs in seconds.


Line of Business Integrations

ShoreTel Connect ONSITE includes packaged integrations with Outlook®, ShoreTel for Salesforce®, MS Dynamics®, NetSuite®, ACT!(r), Zendesk®,® and other popular LOB apps. ShoreTel offers dozens of additional advanced applications and plug-ins that extend system utility: merge call records with customer records to raise the efficiency of your customer service, identify sales trends, and optimize staffing.


Business Continuity

A modular architecture and “N+1” redundancy provides automatic failover for three possible points of failure: a WAN outage, a switch outage, and an application server outage. ShoreTel voice switches can operate independently of the network, and your routers and phones are registered locally through the switch to the telco so they’ll continue to work. This is designed to be highly reliable and 99.999% available. You’ll never lose dial tone.

*Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Value of IP Telephony by Irwin Lazar, VP and Service Director, Nemertes Research.

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